Ego Blind Me, Learning Find Me

by Alfie Griew

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released April 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Alfie Griew England, UK

I make spacey folk/pop songs. Email to say hi.

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Track Name: Our Bench
Come stroll down and sit with me on our bench like we used to,
I remember thinks back then they made sense and they still do to me but not to you,
lets pretend that it's okay in the end like we used to,
you said we weren't meant to be in the end but I still love you oh say that you do,
let it fall apart so I can mend it,
lend me all your time and I will spend it with you,
let me fall in love so you can end it and go,
you don't love me anymore,
come stroll down and sit with me on our bench I still love you.
Track Name: Support
I can't remember what I should feel like when this situation does call,
'cause it's been so long that I can't quite remember how to feel anything at all,
maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not maybe I knew but I forgot how to love,
I know your'e troubled and I know your'e hurting but that doesn't phase me at all,
'cause everyone's troubled and everyone's hurting you just need a little support,
maybe you're wrong maybe you're not maybe you knew but you forgot how to live.
Track Name: A Small Song for (Somebody or Nobody)
I'm not a doctor I've not saved a life,
I don't have the courage I don't have the fight,
I'm not a scientist I'd find that too tough,
but one thing I've got is a whole lot of love,
just give me your body and I'll give you mine,
give me your love and I'll give you my time.